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About us

CRIT is a top-tier specialty energy storage software and hardware integration company, which layout in "semiconductor" fields, and provides independent intellectual property rights of "special battery cell" and “special BMS” key technologies. The company is now a National High-Tech Enterprise, a member of the Semiconductor Innovation Alliance, “Specialized and Special New” enterprise and received equity investment from three top funds in 2022. The company’s products have obtained the most stringent international UL1973/UL9540A certification.

The company has cooperated with SJTU, TJU, HFUT and ZJUT on "special battery cell" and "BMS". The products include special battery cells (high-rate: 20C, ultra-low temperature: -45℃), BMS and LFP containers/modules, which are widely used in advanced pan-semiconductor industry, data centers,special applications and various energy storage fields. The company's customer base covers the semiconductor industry, energy industry head enterprises and major well-known central enterprises, state-owned enterprises.

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