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Semiconductor field

2023/3/9     Viewed:    

● The battery module adopts lithium iron phosphate cells, which reduces the weight by about 40% compared to lead-acid batteries of the same specification;
● Design of appearance size module, easy to install and maintain, flexible, and highly versatile;
● The sampling circuit adopts an external replaceable structure for easy maintenance and testing in the future;
● Adopting advanced AFE IC technology, its stackable architecture is particularly suitable for lithium battery series parallel high-voltage systems, with many characteristics such as small sampling error, fast sampling speed, built-in equalization circuit, built-in temperature and voltage sampling, and EMI resistance;
● Adopting high-speed CAN bus transceivers that comply with international standards, the bus has strong anti-interference performance and high data transmission reliability, with a maximum speed of 1Mbaud, ensuring real-time data transmission;
● It can transmit real-time voltage and two temperature data of all cells in the battery module to the main controller through the CAN bus;
● This module does not have an independent charging protection function and needs to be controlled by the BCU main control system in conjunction with external devices (UPS, charger, etc.) or switching devices (MCCB, etc.) for charging and discharging protection and control.

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