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● The CR-MVC-SC/CR-MVC-HM series lithium battery system is a high-efficiency uninterrupted power supply lithium battery system developed specifically for critical loads such as computers and server precision instruments with high power requirements. Widely applicable to UPS with a capacity of 10-1000KVA, it provides critical backup power batteries for IT and power infrastructure, as well as for enterprises, healthcare, financial systems, and semiconductor precision equipment.
● The system uses an integrated battery cabinet, making on-site installation convenient, fast, and safe. The product size can be customized according to actual application needs.
● An intelligent BMS (battery management system) with complete system configuration and functions, equipped with a display screen, which can view various information, battery status, and alarm records of lithium batteries.
● The system cabinet can be three sided against the wall, occupying a small area. All front maintenance is simple and convenient.
● The system cabinet can adjust the number of connected units according to the input battery voltage requirements of the UPS. Multiple cabinets can be connected in parallel according to power requirements and backup time requirements.

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