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Chu Rui Intelligence, get up~~Let's go to fab together!

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The global epidemic has not subsided in one wave, but has resumed in the second. Fortunately, China has been able to fight the epidemic awesome, and social life and production are stable and orderly. Due to the international situation and national strategic layout, the construction of China's semiconductor industry is in full swing. As a member enterprise of the semiconductor domestic alliance, Chu Rui Intelligent is fortunate to participate in it, providing a stable supply of electricity for semiconductor wafer factories.
The importance of backup power supply 01
As is well known, wafer fabs not only consume a huge amount of electricity (just one ASML EUV lithography machine consumes 30000 kilowatt hours of electricity per day), but also have extremely high requirements for power quality. The equipment engineers in Fab may have had some experience and finally came out to catch their breath. As a result, the office lights blinked and everyone quickly rushed back to Fab. As we all know, the precious machines may be down again in once again.
A typical case of losses caused by power failures is a semiconductor company in South Korea: in 2018, a power outage caused a loss of 43.32 million US dollars (300 million+RMB), and even led to an increase in the price of memory products. From this, it can be seen that "electricity" is so important for wafer factories! Unfortunately, on New Year's Day 2020, they had a power outage for another minute and lost millions of dollars... but they said, 'Little money, little money...'

Why is electricity alone so unreliable? Because the water, gas, and chemicals in semiconductor wafer factories are all handled by professional suppliers, and electricity is uniformly supplied by the power grid. Generally, wafer factories are equipped with at least dual circuits to ensure that power outages are rare. However, for "voltage drop", which is an instantaneous decrease in voltage, it is unavoidable.
With the surge in electricity load across the country and the improvement in electrification of production lines, voltage drop failures are increasing, making backup power sources even more indispensable. The backup power sources that originally ensured the operation of the basic system at the factory management end were insufficient to support the entire fab, especially the stable power supply of core machines. Therefore, more and more wafer factories are paying attention to the configuration of "anti voltage drop" backup power sources.
Necessity of replacing lead acid with lithium iron
The original solution was to choose various high-end lead-acid batteries, but due to its "genetic" problem, it was unable to release enough energy at the moment of voltage drop. Therefore, when the voltage drop failure occurred, lead-acid batteries acted as a "vase", which was not useful in sight. They spread their hands and said, "I can't do it.

A classic practical case is that in a testing and sealing factory on Baodao, a typhoon arrived. In just 12 hours, there were more than ten consecutive pressure drops, causing all the lead-acid systems to be paralyzed, while the iron lithium system underwent the most severe test, ensuring the health of all personnel and ensuring the normal operation of the machine. The factory has now completed all replacements, and since adopting Chu Rui's intelligent iron lithium solution, engineers at Baosteel no longer need to worry about summer typhoons.
The birth of lithium-iron batteries, coupled with the rise of the new energy vehicle and energy storage market, has made lithium-iron battery solutions excellent in meeting customer needs in terms of performance and cost. Excellent safety and stability, high rate discharge characteristics, combined with small size and light weight, have finally led users to find a satisfactory solution to the "voltage drop" problem.

Wafer foundry XXX Electric has fully launched the plan of "replacing lead-acid batteries with iron lithium batteries" in 2018: to complete the replacement of all lead-acid batteries within 5 years, with a total scale of 6 billion RMB. Chu Rui Intelligence is also silently contributing its part to this project.
Therefore, replacing fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles is an inevitable trend in history, and replacing lead-acid batteries with iron lithium batteries in wafer factories is the same. The global semiconductor industry has risen against the trend, and China is a key destination for future global semiconductor construction. Therefore, it will inevitably lead a wave of trends. In this trend, domestically produced Churui Intelligent needs to take on more responsibilities and obligations.
03 Introduction to Chu Rui Intelligence
Chu Rui Intelligence: a high-tech enterprise, a member of the Semiconductor Domestic Alliance, a provincial and municipal level government fund participating enterprise, and the Tongji University Industry University Research Base. Focusing on the interdisciplinary field of "new energy&semiconductors", providing high-quality power protection for the pan semiconductor (wafer manufacturing, packaging, testing, optoelectronics, panel) industry, with an installed capacity exceeding 20MWh.
Chu Rui Intelligence: Focusing on the research and development of high-end backup power products and key technologies, it is applied in the high-end pan semiconductor industry, data centers, and other fields to ensure the stable supply of electricity. It is a pioneer and pioneer in solving the pressure drop problem in super energy consumption scenarios through localization and industrial upgrading.
Churui Intelligent adopts core components and technologies such as "high-quality, aerospace grade, and high magnification" iron lithium batteries, intelligent BMS, and big data monitoring platforms to provide users with "LEGO" battery module solutions. It can be combined according to actual needs, perfectly replacing lead-acid batteries, and seamlessly integrating various brands and models of UPS hosts.

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