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The College of Microelectronics has held discussions and exchanges with Core Intelligent Storage and Churui Intelligent Company

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On March 8th, the College of Microelectronics held a discussion and exchange with Lv Zhenyu, Chief Scientist of Nuclear Core Intelligent Storage Company, Wang Na, Chairman Legal Person, Cheng Xiaotian, Chairman Assistant, and Dai Zongguo, Chairman of Churui Intelligent Company. Guo Chunsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Microelectronics, Yuan Ming, Vice Secretary and Vice Dean, Lu Xiuzhen, Vice Dean, Zhang Jun, Vice Dean of Shanghai College of Microelectronics Industry, Liu Jingjing, and counselors attended the symposium.

Guo Chunsheng warmly welcomed the delegation led by Core Intelligent Storage Company and Chu Rui Intelligent Company. He stated that the Microelectronics College is based in Shanghai, rooted in China, and oriented towards the world, and its social influence has rapidly increased in a short period of time. Since its establishment, the college has deeply promoted the integration of industry and education, as well as the integration of science and education. We look forward to in-depth exchanges and cooperation with the integrated circuit industry and enterprises to contribute to the development of the integrated circuit industry.

Wang Na introduced the situation of Nuclear Core Intelligent Storage Company. She stated that school enterprise cooperation is one of the most direct, rapid, and efficient ways to cultivate integrated circuit talents. Core Intelligent Storage Company is willing to provide more internships and job opportunities for students in the School of Microelectronics, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Lv Zhenyu provided a supplementary introduction to the company's situation. He stated that the core intelligent storage company has a relatively complete expert team and good research and development accumulation, especially in the field of storage chips. He hopes to have in-depth cooperation with the School of Microelectronics.

Subsequently, the attendees had in-depth exchanges on the employment situation of graduates, subject construction, school enterprise linkage, and transformation of scientific research achievements.

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